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Hypnotist Mark Anthony

Master Hypnotist | Certified Clinical Hypnotist | Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner | Master NLP Practitioner

Master Hypnotist Mark Anthony is an International Stage Hypnotist and a Headliner Performer for many Top Cruise Lines including; Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines and Azamara Cruise Lines. Mark is also a CERTIFIED CLINICAL HYPNOTIST and HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTOR. Mark runs a very successful Hypnosis Clinic in Bundall on the beautiful Gold Coast, where he treats clients for the more serious side of Hypnosis.

Mark is also Hypnotist To The Stars, working with many Australian Celebrities, Television Personalities and Sports Stars. Renowned as being one of ‘Australia’s Leading Hypnotists’, Mark travels Australia and other parts of the World extensively with his Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Motivational, Inspirational Seminars and Hypnosis Therapy.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony is ‘Australia’s Most Sought After Hypnotist’ when it comes to Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows and performs on Top Cruise Liners, RSL Clubs, Sporting Clubs, High Schools, Resorts, Fairs, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Functions, Regional Shows, Fundraising events plus much more World Wide. With many years experience as a Hypnotist, Mark’s quick whit, one-liners and his cheeky sense of humour, along with his London accent, Mark keeps the audience wanting more and more. Your audience are in very safe hands, with Hypnotist Mark Anthony, he’s Hypnotised ‘many hundreds of thousands’ of volunteers and clients around the world.


And although Mark can be the entertainer and make people laugh until their ribs ache when he’s on stage, he also has a very good understanding about the more serious side of Hypnosis and takes his Hypnosis Therapy and his breakthrough Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Seminars very seriously, as he truly knows ‘The Power Of Hypnosis’ and the good that can be achieved by using Hypnosis.

Mark is very proud to announce that he has also now become an author, his ‘SimplyEasy’ Stop Smoking book, also available in ebook format for immediate download is available NOW!

Mark has appeared on many TOP tv and radio stations including Channel Sevens TodayTonight, www.News.com.au, has had MANY newspaper articles and stories written about him, and is also Australia’s biggest Health and Lifestyle expo Sexpo’s own HypNaughty attraction, as well as performing for many Rsls, taverns, corporate events, fundraisers, schools, universities plus much much more, Hypnotist Mark Anthony is now one of Australia’s most well known and recognised hypnotists – ready to provide you with your comedy stage show and clinical hypnosis needs…


  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • Princess Cruise Lines
  • Azamara Cruise Lines
  • Bond University
  • Optus
  • Telstra
  • McDonalds
  • Energex
  • The Brisbane Broncos
  • Griffith University
  • Chelbrook Homes
  • Snap
  • UCB
  • Brisbane Bullets – The first ever hypnosis half time show in Australia!
  • Paradise Kids
  • Mission Australia
  • Sexpo (Australia)
  • Sexpo (South Africa)
  • Hundreds of pubs, clubs and RSLs
  • Mackay Regional Show
  • Emerald Regional Show
  • Rockhampton Regional Show
  • Plus many many more!


  • Today Tonight
  • www.NEWS.com.au
  • Channel 7 Morning Show
  • Gold Coast Bulletin
  • Gold Coast News
  • Daily Mercury
  • Gold FM
  • SeaFM
  • Nova
  • Hot Tomato


  • Variety – The Childrens Charity
  • Paradise Kids
  • McGrath Foundation
  • Volunteering Gold Coast
  • AWL
  • Kinder Cottage
  • Hannah’s Foundation
  • Hugs a Million



Are you interested in learning Hypnosis and the Power Of The Mind?

For many years Mark has been running a successful hypnosis clinic, and also mentoring hypnosis professionals throughout Australia and other parts of the world.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony is now training Clinical Hypnotists through his courses, offering everyday people the chance to ‘change your life’ by learning a profession that has unlimited potential for clients and work! .

There are many hypnosis training schools that are just in the business to churn and burn their students. To get as many students enrolled as possible into their courses and offer no ongoing support for their business. We are here to help you create a successful hypnosis business with the only Money Back Guarantee of it’s type in existence.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony offers the following courses and services:

  • Basic & Advanced Hypnosis Certification
  • Stage Hypnosis Training
  • Opportunities To License Our Techniques
  • Business & Marketing Support For Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists
  • Ongoing Coaching & Support

Hypnotist Mark Anthony can help you change your career or add an extra skill set to your current business.