Hypnotist Mark Anthony

Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Hypnosis Trainer
Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner
Master Practitioner of NLPMEMBER
N.A.C.H – (National Australian Clinical Hypnotherapists)MEDIA APPEARANCES
AAPHAN – (Australian Association of Professional Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners)
Channel 7’s TODAY TONIGHT, Channel Nine News,
News.com.au, Sea FM, Nova, HotFm, Gold FM plus many more.

Mark has always had an interest in ‘The Power Of The Mind’ and has used it on many occasions in his life so far!

In fact, Mark used it in his early teens to help him escape his surroundings of drug dealers, gangs, burglaries, murders, car theft and many of the other usual things that you’d expect when you grow up on one of London’s roughest, toughest housing estates, better known as The Concrete Jungle.




Mark also spent some years in children’s homes, because coming from a very low income single parent family with five children, money was always very very tight, extremely stressful and some things ‘don’t always work out how you want them too’!…

… BUT, you can still achieve things in life that you never thought possible when you want to, no matter how bad things get sometimes! The children’s home was where Mark first got the Hypnotic bug. Mark remembers hypnotising another friend in the children’s home after watching a very old black and white Hypnosis movie called Svengali. Mark remembers swinging a watch and saying “sleep, Sleep, Sleep’, and his friend closed his eyes and fell over, Mark then kept saying “wake up, wake up, wake up” and the friend opened his eyes!

Mark always knew that he was very different from his friends that he grew up with, he had Dreams and Goals, his friends had none, and achieving those Dreams and Goals hasn’t been easy!

The best friends in Mark’s life all eventually became drug addicts, one taking his own life a few years ago, two more have died recently from drug overdoses, and the last one of the four is still battling drug addiction back in the UK, which is why Mark enjoys speaking to the less fortunate or troubled teens through Motivational Talks, giving them hope that they too ‘can’ become better people, and even make a success of their lives!

Breaking away from his very different lifestyle to his friends led Mark up very different paths in his life, and Mark puts it all down to his belief in the Power Of The Mind and ‘changing’ his Mindset!

Mark has worked very hard for many years as a Clinical Hypnotist, treating and helping clients with all sorts of issues and problems including many Tv Personalities and Sports Stars, gaining Mark a reputation as being ‘Australia’s Leading Hypnotist’. Mark’s hard work, persistence and his passion for Hypnosis has also seen him go from strength to strength to become ‘Australia’s Busiest Stage Hypnotist’, traveling Australia wide and Internationally for many major cruise lines, theatres, rsl’s and many corporate companies, performing his Mark Anthony’s Hypnotic Show’ and his very recognised adults only ‘Mark Anthony’s HypNaughty Show’, an ‘Adults Only’ show, with some ‘Good, Clean, Adult Fun!’

Mark also became a publisher a few years ago, publishing his ‘Simply Easy Method’ Stop Smoking book, looking to help millions of smokers caught in the smoking trap, to become ‘Happy Non Smokers’.

Mark is also nearing the finish of his ‘Life Story’ so far, a book which many people will possibly find to be THE most ‘Inspiring’ book to overcome adversaries and tough times in life to move onwards and upwards in a very positive and successful way… So watch this space!