Hypnosis Certification Program

3 Days

Our Hypnosis Certification Course Includes All The Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Training Required To Become A Certified Hypnosis Practitioner. Once completed you will have all the knowledge and tools you need to start your own Hypnosis Business.

Classroom environment with like minded students
Certification Awarded on Graduation Day
Taught by Industry Experts in Hypnotherapy and Business
You can begin Earning an Income on the Next Day!

2016 Course Dates

Friday 7th October  – Monday 9th October


Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy
31 Crombie Avenue, Bundall QLD 4213

Basic hypnosis program;
Advanced hypnosis program;
Business and Marketing program to ensure you setup a successful hypnosis practice from the beginning;

High Income, Security, Pride and Freedom in 3 Days!

This 3 Day Hypnosis Training is ideal for those who have little to no past experience in hypnosis or for professionals who cannot be away from their office for more than a few days of training. This quick moving class starts at the very beginning of hypnosis and completely covers everything you will need to know to be proficient and professional in your new career.

The Classroom Atmosphere is an added bonus as you will be able to learn from watching others. The interaction through practicing, discussion and observation has proven to be a valuable learning tool.

We Believe that Learning should not be simply a “Spectator Sport”. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and jumping into hands-on practice within a few hours of the very first day. We use the Hands-On Approach to hypnosis training and you will find yourself conducting actual hypnosis sessions as early as the second day of training.

By the End of your 3 Days you will feel comfortable in conducting hypnosis sessions. You’ll be totally prepared to get started in your new venture and most importantly you’ll be certified as a graduate of Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy. Imagine being completely prepared to begin a new career earning an extremely high income in just 3 days.

Let’s face it . . . a week is going to pass by whether you like it or not. The question to ask yourself is what will you be doing differently a week from now if you don’t attend? . . . but if you do attend … imagine how differently people will look at you once the week has gone by and you suddenly find yourself with a professional new career. This is truly a remarkable field to be involved in and now is the best time to to get started.

In the 3 days of the hypnosis certification course, business and marketing training will be completed with your instructor. This part of our program is what really sets us apart from other training institutions. Industry experts have shown that the biggest factor in success or failure is the hypnotists ability to market their business and win over clients. Our Business and Marketing program has got you covered. From setting up your business, how to create your brand online, how to source your clients and how they can become your clients.

Look At The Additional Options After Graduation!

A Hypnosis Office Conducting Individual Sessions
Telephone Hypnosis Sessions
Group Hypnosis Sessions
Past Life Regression
Painless Childbirth Sessions or Clinics
Forensic Hypnosis
Sports Hypnosis
Teaching Continuing Education
Create Hypnosis CDs and MP3s
Comedy Hypnosis Shows
Self Help to name a few…

What Is In Our Curriculum?


Some of the topics you will learn:
What is hypnosis
The mind
Sub-conscious activities
The truth about hypnosis
It’s simpler than you think
Memories are not absolute
Why hypnosis is not admissible in court
History of hypnosis
Historical dates and people
Famous users of hypnosis
The Purpose of Suggestibility
Analytical vs. non-analytical
Various suggestibility tests
Classification of clients
How the mind works
Charting the suggestibility of clients
Building a hypnosis session
Organizing the session
Putting it all together (chart)
Non analytical session instruction
Analytical session instruction
What are inductions
Non analytical inductions and techniques
Analytical inductions and techniques
What are deepeners and techniques
Analytical vehicles -what are they
How do analytical vehicles work
Sample analytical vehicles
Hypnosis scripts
How to write your own scripts
Select hypnosis scripts for training
Getting stuck in hypnosis
Depth levels
Waking hypnosis
Stages of hypnosis
Arons depth scale
Arons depth scale chart
Depth testing script
Davis and Husband scale
LeCron Bordeaux depth scale
Brainwave frequencies
Brainwave chart
Explanation of chart
Correlating brain wave frequencies to hypnotic depths levels
Building a complete session
Pre session
Meet and greet
Intake worksheet
Instant and rapid introductions
Common hypnotic misconceptions
Post session report form
Collect fee and re-schedule
Session proficiency exercise
Dangers of hypnosis
Office environment
How much should I charge?
Free sessions – helping friends
Case Study – Common complaints you will run into
How they work
12 methods of instant and rapid inductions
Stress reduction
Causes of stress
Solutions and incident elimination of stress
Healing with hypnosis
The subconscious mind pertaining to healing
A few rules about the subconscious
Your “want to”
Negative statements and their effect
Positive replacements
The effect of Sarcasm
Pain management
Bridge technique
Stimuli replacement program
Regression calendar technique
Other regression techniques
Thought stopping
Color imagery
True / pseudo regression
Regression detective techniques
Wording in regression
Automatic writing
Additional hypnosis methods revealed
All hypnosis is self hypnosis
Creating your own recorded sessions
Theater of your imagination
Six-step self hypnosis process
Ericksonian hypnosis
Confusional Technique
Telephone Hypnosis
Rapid Inductions
Emergency Hypnosis
Auto suggestion script
Placebos and nocebos’
Reading is hypnotic
Writing is magical
Covert hypnosis
Pacing and leading
Meditation and hypnosis
Smoking cessation
Smoking statistics
Helpful hints
Smoking cessation script – Single session
Smoking withdrawal program (nine script series)
Smoking withdrawal program Questionnaire
Instructions for withdrawal program
Hypnosis venues
Group presentation format
Marketing and advertising hypnosis (many methods)
Imagination – The sixth sense
Hypnosis is everything
The journey begins
ESP development
Wisdom from your intuition
Past life regression
Creating a spirit room
Contacting spirits (Script)
Metaphysic Group Sessions


Some of the topics you will learn:
Instant Hypnosis
Pain Management
Forensic Hypnosis
Total Habit Replacement Program
Regression – Past and Present Life
Phobias and Panic Attacks
Pediatric Hypnosis and Conditioning
Over Triple The Success Of Traditional Hypnotherapy



This is probably the most exciting part of our course offering. Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy has got this covered for you too.

You will learn everything you need to know to setup your own hypnosis practice, partly at the course, and also as part of your ongoing support system. We will teach you topics on:

Setting Up Your Business
Website Creation
Social Media inc Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more
List Building
Planning – Business, Marketing and Social Media
Payment Processing
Lead Generation
Video Marketing
Capture Pages
How To Become A Go To Expert
& Much Much More…

Why do so many schools teach their group classes in upwards to 20, 30 or more days?

Realise that the majority of that time is practice time. They role-play on each other over and over. While we believe practice time is very important and we also include more than enough supervised practice time in our 3 day classes, the main reason for so many days of practice is the extra money that a school can make. Let’s face it, teaching hypnosis is a business and the longer a class can be stretched out the more a school can charge for their tuition. There is no more training being done, just practice.

We have two solutions to cover this that will not cost you anything at all. First, upon graduation you will be proficient by following our system to hypnotise anyone for basic or advanced hypnosis concerns. The best place to practice is in the field where you can help people the most and make a living at the same time. Secondly, if you do feel you want more hands on practice, you can always attend a future classroom training at any of our many training locations worldwide, as many times as you want, absolutely FREE. You read that right. Free!

After all, your success is our success as you are representing us and our name in the field. We are so dedicated in making sure that you are proficient and ready to get started in business when you leave the academy. We take the time it takes to teach you properly. That is our job and that is our promise to you.

Is 3 Days Of Training Enough?

3 Days is actually more than enough time to study, understand, practice and be competent as a new hypnosis practitioner. In fact you will be conducting hypnosis by the end of the first day!

With our fast track system of teaching hypnosis you will be able to help others progress in no time. A big part of the training is learning the facts, background, procedures, and general study of hypnotherapy. However if that was all sent to you in advanced to read and get ahead to start on, imagine how much time that can save. Now you would be able to spend more time on the hands-on practice and less on what can be easily done by reading on your own.

What most people don’t realize is that hypnosis is a system. There is an actual process to conducting sessions that can be taught and learned very easily in a very short time.

“It does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile.”

How Do I Become A Certified Hypnosis Practitioner?

After successful completion of the course and examination, the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy will present you with the following certificates:

Certificate of Completion – Hypnosis Practitioner

Once you receive your Certificate of Completion as a Hypnosis Practitioner you will be able to start practicing Hypnosis on your clients. You are being certified by the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy. This certificate will be handed to you on Graduation Day.

Certification Of Hypnotherapy

On completion of the required forms, your certification will then be sent to the American International Association for Hypnosis and Self Help. Once your application is processed you will receive a Certification in Hypnotherapy from the largest association in the world. This will allow you to practice Hypnosis anywhere in the world.

Do I Receive Support After I Complete The Course?

YES! This is where we differ from every other Hypnosis Training Organisation. We do not just train you and forget you! We have a comprehensive support structure to ensure that you become a successful Hypnosis Practitioner.

Our support includes:

  1. 1 Year access to our private facebook group. Where you can communicate directly with your course instructors and other students.
  2. Private membership access to our student portal. Access to comprehensive training materials
  3. Unlimited lifetime email support to help your hypnosis business. No question goes unanswered.
  4. Private invitation to our Hypnotic Mastermind Event. An exclusive opportunity to attend a 4 day mastermind event with top experts and one on one coaching where we help supercharge your Hypnosis Business.

What Is The Cost?


Normal Price is $1,497

What most people don’t realize is that hypnosis is a system. There is an actual process to conducting sessions that can be taught and learned very easily in a very short time.

“It does not have to be difficult to be worthwhile.”

What Is Included In The Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Program?

Our Course Includes:

Course Materials – Folders, Worksheets and Resources
Access to our online student resource area – Video, Audio and Downloads
Course Instruction with our trainers
Internet Access at the venue
USB with easy to access resources
Tea/Coffee and snacks on all days of training
Examination and Certification

Please note: Full payment is required before the date of the first class.

We offer a variety of payment options to suit your budget. For more information on payment methods we accept and finance/payment plans please click here.

We do not have any formal educational requirements for entry into our courses. We do have some minimum expectations you need to be aware of before you enroll in any of our courses.

The minimum expectations are:

  • Basic reading, writing and speaking of the English language.
  • Basic computer skills including basic workings of the internet.
  • You bring your own laptop for the duration of the course. Internet access is provided free of charge.
  • A first aid certificate – If you do not have one, we have a local provider who we have partnered with that can offer you a discounted rate.
  • A Working With Children Blue Card – If you do not have one, we have a local provider who we have partnered with that can offer you a discounted rate.

If you are interested in taking part in this exciting new course offering, your next step would be to download and complete a Course Enrolment Form. Click here for our enrolments page.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Most schools of hypnosis have been created as a money making machine. The bulk of their money comes from “churning and burning” through enrollments. This is part of the reason why the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy was created. We have created hypnosis certification courses to give you the power, the knowledge and the support you really need to create a thriving successful hypnosis practice.

Remember, our coaching and support throughout the coming year will be your biggest asset in using your new hypnosis skills.

This is why we can offer this 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We will work with you until it works. Period!

The Hypnosis Courses we teach all include:

1. A proven system for you to create your own Hypnosis business;
2. Certification for your new Hypnosis skills, to showcase to your clients;
3. New Business, Sales and Marketing skills every business owner needs to know to create a successful business;
4. Access to our online student area, (for course graduates only) of frequently updated content for your exclusive use after the training;
5. Course materials and forms for your hypnosis practice;
6. 1 year of unlimited access to your hypnosis trainers to help you create your successful hypnosis business;

If you’ve made an honest effort to use the hypnosis materials you learn in your business, have followed our support system fully and you haven’t made your investment back within 365 days of completing the course, we’ll give you a 100% REFUND, no questions asked!

We can offer this guarantee by offering the best support in the industry during, and after you complete any of our courses. Your support system includes:

  • Email support
  • Phone support
  • Skype support
  • Facebook group community support

The guarantee is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. There are a few things you will need to do to qualify for this guarantee:

  1. Complete all course materials, assignments and checklists as outlined by the course you are taking;
  2. Attend all group coaching sessions post course attendance;
  3. Actively participate in the support structure we offer for any issues that arise after your graduation;
  4. It’s hard to guarantee awesomeness these days, but we’re stepping it up and we’re the only hypnosis training school offering this in the world!

For more information about our 100% Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guarantee, click here.

Still Have Some Questions?

We welcome you to contact us today to talk about your new Hypnosis Business.

Phone: +61 7 3102 8338
Email: info (at) markanthonyacademy.com

Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy
We’re not just Hypnosis Trainers, we’re YOUR Hypnosis Mentors!
We succeed only when you succeed.

The Hypnosis Practitioner Today!

NEVER BEFORE . . . has there been an opportunity such as this where you can attend a one week hypnosis training and begin immediately earning $150 – $300 per hour helping others to improve their lives. This is truly one of the most remarkable professions available today … and best of all it is something that EVERYONE can use!

Can I Make Big Money Doing This?

Here are some average (non-inflated) rates for various services offered in the Hypnosis field to give you an idea of what you are getting into. The average Hypnotherapist conducting Individual Hypnosis Sessions makes between $150 to $200 per session. A session runs approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Your income of course is directly related to your advertising efforts. An average full time Hypnotherapist can easily have between 3 and 5 sessions a day.With Group Hypnosis Sessions for topics such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Past Life Regression & Relaxation, you would normally charge clients between $50 and $35 to attend. An average attendance would be approximately 20 to 250 clients. Sessions usually lasts approximately 1 hour.With a larger groups you would want to add on an extra 45 minutes to an hour for setup, seating and giving them time to leave the building after the session is over. The beauty of conducting group sessions is that you can sell many additional products upon completion of your program behind the room. Many people will want to stop and see what you are offering so they can bring something home to either help them additionally with what they came to accomplish or simply as a souvenir. Items that work quite well are CDs, tapes, hypnosis related books, relaxing music, T-shirts, hats and various knickknacks.The average Metaphysic Sessions range from $150 per session for Past Life Regression (This is between a one to two hour session) to $450 per session for Life Between Life Experience: (These usually take between three to four hours).