Hypnosis Show DVD



Were you are a ‘Star of the Show’ but forgot to order your copy of the show on dvd? It may still be available!

IMPORTANT (Quality of recording on ships cannot be guaranteed, as different locations use different camera person/s)

Simply let us know what the DATE and SHOW LOCATION was and we will see if we still have your show available. Can’t remember the date… Have a look at our calendar to refresh your memory.

Ordering Ship Shows? Please ensure that the Ship Name , Date and TIME is also indicated.

Just want to check out one of Australia’s Naughtiest Hypnotist’s HypNaughty or Family Fun Shows? Simply put today’s date and ADULT or FAMILY in the Show location and we will pick one for you!

Latest Shows… 30 business days processing + 3-5 days post (depending location)
Archived Shows… 45 business days processing + 3-5 days post (depending location)