Mark Anthony is Australia’s Most Sought After Hypnotists, and once you have seen ‘Mark Anthony’s Comedy Hypnosis Show’ you will see why!  Mark’s motto is ‘Real Volunteers… Really Hypnotised!’ ‘Mark Anthony’s Hypnotic Show’ or his 18+ ‘Mark Anthony’s HypNaughty Show’ (there is strictly no stripping or filth in his 18+ shows)… It’s the only show where you can ‘See the Show… Or Be the Show!’

Mark Anthony performs his self titled two hour, Comedy Hypnosis Show of hypnotic entertainment throughout Australia and Internationally.  In just minutes he amazes his audience by hypnotising volunteers right before your eyes, ‘live on stage’  Mark Anthony then turns these people (which could even be you, your friends or family) from everyday people to world class pianists, elegant ballerinas, kung fu exhibitionists, plus much much more.  He is the master of suggestion, and you will be amazed too, when Mark Anthony makes himself completely disappear.

Mark Anthony’s ‘Comedy Hypnosis Shows’ are ALWAYS performed to the highest of ‘ethical’standards. Mark Anthony is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, a Practitioner of Advanced Hypnosis, a Master Stage Hypnotist, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a member of a various associations: An unusual and special feature of Mark’s show is that no two shows are alikebecause the participants are taken directly from the audience and each volunteer is always different.  The differences in personalities take the show in uniquely different directions every night. If you see the show once, you will feel compelled to see it again. Mark is able to run his ‘Comedy Hypnosis Show’ from the smallest of spaces, so if your office, bar, function room, tavern, school hall or other doesn’t have a stage area it’s NOT a problem! All that’s needed is enough room for a certain number of chairs and we have an hilarious‘Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show’ !

Mark Anthony is an hilarious Stage Hypnotist who is available to entertain audiences throughout Australia and Internationally with his very unique style of stage hypnosis. The shows are always an exciting event that will be remembered far longer than you will ever know. Mark is available to perform his ‘Comedy Hypnosis Show’ for almost every occasionincluding: Rsl Clubs, Birthday Parties, High Schools, Colleges, Resorts, Fairs, Cruise Ships, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Functions, Hotels, Motels, Fundraising Events, Restaurants,  Night Clubs, Bars, Taverns, Country Fairs , Bbq’s And Many Other Types Of Events.    ***World Wide*** Mark’s very positive and irresistible personality is entrancing to both the audience and his volunteers on stage. You will experience laughter so side splitting that your sides will ache for days as he enables his volunteers to take on the role of a Sergeant in the Armed Forces, others to speak Martian talk, forget their names, forget numbers, become one of the world’s finest pianists and more… Much More!

Mark has a warm and compassionate nature and none of his volunteers are never made to strip off their clothes or perform lude acts that some ‘other’ unscrupulous hypnotists might do.

Mark is a clever Hypnotist who can bring out the dramatic power of YOUR creative mind. His entertaining and spontaneous shows are filled with surprising routines that are presented in a very respectful manner.

Even though Mark is a star of the stage as the Hypnotist, he will tell you that without the‘real stars of the show’… THE VOLUNTEERS, there is no show, it’s the volunteers who make the show in Mark’s eyes, Mark says that he is just there to ‘help them out’! Mark’s a great believer in the old saying: “Laughter Is The Best Medicine”