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This is a 'downloadable' product only – Happy Non Smoker

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This is a ‘downloadable’ product only – Become a Happy Non Smoker

The aim of the session is to minimise…or in most cases, to completely remove the craving for a cigarette. This, as you will know if you have tried to give up smoking by yourself, is the main problem associated with becoming a non-smoker. Another effect is to minimise…or, again, in some cases to completely remove the need to replace nicotine with something else. Finally, the hypnosis treatment allows you to relax completely, which in turn means that it becomes much easier to maintain an even temper in the first few days of giving up. Most of the people after listening to the hypnosis QUIT smoking audio program, with no drugs, needles, aversion techniques or substitutions. The audio program lasts around one and a half hours, and the tiny investment fee is less than the cost of two packs of cigarettes! AND you can listen to the program in the comfort of your own home.

We are all different people and different people have different ideas about what is stressful. Some of us find driving relaxing… yet others consider it very stressful! Some of us enjoy creating and putting together a complicated dinner party for friends, others stress out at just the very thought. The same goes for many other situations, at work and at home. It’s not always possible for you to control the things that make you feel stressed… most of the time you would just avoid the situation completely! What you can change is the way that you respond to them. Hypnosis can help you find positive and constructive ways to cope, reducing your stress levels and keeping them low. Whatever causes your stress levels to shoot through the roof, whether it’s due to a one-off situation or long-term causes, you can benefit from hypnosis.