Weight Loss Audio


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We don’t always eat because we are hungry. Sometimes we eat out of habit, or because we are bored, tired, stressed or in need of comfort. Hypnosis successfully removes or reduces these needs, and the urge for snacking, allowing you to achieve your ideal, healthy body weight and to maintain it in the long term. This audio program is a great way to start losing weight. As time passes, or if you are already near your target weight, you may find that one or two one-to-one hypnosis therapy sessions are all you need. Most clients opt for three or four sessions, spaced anywhere from days, a week, two to four weeks apart. If you have a long way to go you may find it helpful to come for “booster” sessions at intervals throughout the time you are reducing, or a final session aimed at weight maintenance when you have reached your target weight. Whatever you choose to do, I will never put you under pressure to book sessions that you feel are unnecessary.