What is Hypnosis

A Brief Introduction to Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnosis is possibly the most powerful tool in the world today for implementing many wonderful changes within a person’s life. Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and although it has been seen by many as black magic, the cult, a little weird, a little wonderful and on many occasions as very mysterious, the real truth is that all ailments in our lives can be addressed using hypnosis!

As a therapy, hypnosis can be used for changing behaviour, overcoming fears and phobias, conquering stress and anxiety, breaking bad or damaging habits, losing weight, personal development, beating depression, sexual issues, bed wetting and much more. (inorgasmia, erections, premature ejaculation)

It is good to note that our autonomic system is in the unconscious or subconscious mind which we all trust everyday of our lives to do the most important things in our body ‘automatically’!. It’s the main system which tells our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe and our blood to flow throughout our body.

It’s interesting to note that because of this we don’t have to think, which means that we don’t have to use our conscious mind when we think of things like, “I think that I’d better make my heart beat now, or I think I’d better take a breath now!” Fortunately for us this is all taken care of by our unconscious or subconscious mind, and what makes it even better is that it’s all done automatically! The unconscious or subconscious will only do things that are for ‘our benefit’, so, if a hypnotist make an inappropriate suggestion of any kind, it would be rejected by the client.

‘If the Hypnotist asked the client to go to the local bank and rob it, or if he asked the client to assassinate the bank manager the client WOULD NOT do it… the client will only do what he/she would normally do in a waking state!

Why use Hypnotherapy?
Simply put, “Hypnosis is a focused state of mind that is achieved by the wilful cooperation of the recipient with an experienced and certified hypnotist.”

During hypnosis, the subject is able to “zero in” on the specific areas of the mind through the ‘power of suggestion.’ Almost everyone experiences some type of hypnosis everyday while daydreaming, watching tv, reading or even while driving long distances or familiar routes along the highway.

Hypnosis works because it greatly reduces or eliminates distractive elements in the immediate surroundings, (such as noise or motion), and more importantly…the distractions from our own random thoughts which are ever-present.

A certified and experienced Hypnotist acts as a guide while inducing a state of relaxation to a willing and receptive subject. Once this state is achieved the unconscious mind accepts the suggestions.

Hypnosis has proven time after time to work! Why not let the power of the unconscious mind work for you and let go of your negative behaviours completely and forever.

Hypnosis modification works because it utilises the unconscious mind (88% brain power) to work with the conscious mind (12% brain power) for more mental power for change than ever before.

Emotions and the imagination reside in the unconscious or subconscious mind. In an emotional state, we are motivated to proceed in the direction of what we are imagining. Emotion is the fuel of the subconscious while imagination is the language.

Habits by definition are those repetitive behaviours that we all do “without even thinking about them.” Thinking is a function of the conscious; everything else is in the unconscious or subconscious. A Hypnotist can use it to eliminate such things as bad habits… How? A habit is usually eliminated by replacing it with another. Some habits are easier to eliminate than others and if they are firmly held in the unconscious or subconscious it may require finding the causes first and then and removing them. of us humans go in and out of a trance state every day and are completely unaware of it, Hypnosis is a very natural state for the mind and body.